Retail Distribution? WealthKernel is where you need to be


With a single link, WealthKernel enables asset managers to distribute directly to retail investors without taking on additional technology or compliance risk.We offer a distribution solution that is ready to go straight out of the box, and that is just the beginning of what you can expect when working with WealthKernel.

The focus in the financial industry is on technology. This is where we excel. Our expertise in this arena ensures that you won’t have to worry about maintenance of the infrastructure and that you won’t have any concerns in regards to upgrades and changes to your systems. We pride ourselves on being at the cutting edge of client service and utilising developments in the technological sphere to increase efficiency and transparency.

In addition, we have ensured a strong understanding of compliance and have attained regulated status as a wealth manager. The WealthKernel compliance team are up to date with the most recent regulations, especially those in regard to MiFID II (Markets in Financial Instruments Directive). We provide a compliance firewall between the asset manager and retail client utilising our technological platform which manages the risk of retail distribution by utilising WealthKernel’s investment permissions.

We ensure a personalised service. Our client interface can be tailored to each of our asset manager partners so the client has a seamless experience while keeping costs low. We don’t believe that the relationship ends upon investment; it is ongoing and our tools will allow you to maintain a strong and informative relationship throughout.

WealthKernel provides the asset manager with digital distribution capabilities without having to take on the burden of making significant technological investment themselves. This is digital distribution to retail clients through the cloud; an innovative solution which is the result of our learning from the FCA Innovate Program and our deep understanding of UK and EU regulations. We are leaders in this growing field and we aim to provide access for those with the enthusiasm and innovate to drive wealth tech forward.

For both the end retail user and for asset managers we are aligning our interests with the success of our partners. Our charges are based on growth meaning you won’t pay more until you make more. If your customers do well, then you do well and if you do well, we do well.

We consider access to data as being crucial for success within the financial industry. Current asset managers are severely lacking in this area and often distribute information without knowing who sees it, who responds to it and who becomes your client as a result of it. We can collate marketing data through our tools and make sure you can tailor future campaigns effectively.

WealthKernel is growing and we are looking to work with more asset managers who want to access the retail market directly and simply, right now. Future posts will go into more detail but if you would like more information now or to set up an initial fact-finding meeting, please contact us.

Chris Barton