Lee Walker — Why WealthKernel?

I joined the team as a software developer in September, 2016.

I was really keen on the idea of working in a startup; the pace that can be achieved by a small team of highly driven individuals has always encouraged me. But the two things really motivated me to join WealthKernel were the team and the goal.

Firstly, the team. From day one I was made to feel wanted and got on well with everyone involved with the hiring process. I immediately felt like I belonged.

The goal is pretty clear; provide a platform so that the general population (those that could have smaller investment portfolios) can invest money. This resonated well with me, fundamentally allowing more people to both boost the economy and invest their disposable income into something meaningful is incredibly powerful.

I had worked at a couple of interesting places before, but never worked in a backed startup. One of those places was a local software development house in the midlands. They were a software provider, creating reporting systems for the NHS. This was my first proper job, straight out of college. I started out fixing and changing custom internal systems but quickly became part of the team and contributed towards a product which is now in use within many blood labs across the UK. The fact I got to visit these labs from time to time to see how it was helping clinicians to save lives and taking steps towards advancing the field was incredibly rewarding.

I then joined a mobile app development consultancy, expanded my skills and experienced new technologies/problems. I worked on several iterations of an app building platform. It was designed to enable people with business knowledge to create a prototype mobile app and quickly get it in front of either customers or internal users.

As is common with the work I’ve done, WealthKernel provides a good cause for me to work towards. Whilst my knowledge within the financial/wealth management industry is still pretty lacking, I hope to gain a deeper insight into the market and provide as much benefit here as I have done elsewhere!