Joe Campbell— Why WealthKernel?

I joined WK because I love people, I love teams — and I am great at building them. I wanted to work in an environment that was entirely without constraints — where I know what the challenge is, and where I can build and lead a team to deliver the best outcomes.

With a long career in financial services, I have always played an ‘intrapreneurial role’ — innovating from within the company I work for. So although working as a contractor in the city for 14 years I have probably always operated more as a ‘permie’: I invest in my team and the work culture for the long term. My experience working in Sweden, being embedded in a company which was agile without knowing it, gives me an edge too in terms of building responsive teams who deliver high volume and high quality and who, more importantly, enjoy their work with me and the company.

Investors invest in people, not products. So when I met with Karan and we discussed his idea for WealthKernel I was immediately on board — he’s a dynamic guy and I knew we could build something successful. I wanted a challenge, and I wanted to use my team-building skills and background in fintech, for a venture I could call my own. I have been really fortunate to work with great people throughout my career but, at the same time, I have always felt constrained by my environment. I wanted to build something tangible, something that I could feel truly be part of. I wanted to work in an environment where I could innovate, and where the outcomes of that innovation were tangible. This is what WK is about.

My motto is ‘you never want to be the smartest guy in the room’ — that way you always have lots to learn. I encourage my team to take this attitude. We all have lots to learn from each other — culturally, technically, strategically, no matter what job you are doing.

WK is the culmination of that learning experience. It brings the intelligence and experience of wealth management for high net-worth individuals to the ‘high street’ — providing a top of the range service for ordinary people. So aside from the desire to work in an agile team, the business model around democratising access to intelligence and advice also appeals to me.

What can a great team do that isn’t constrained? A team where all members get to contribute their entrepreneurial energy and diverse skills and approaches. Watch this space….