Welcome to WealthKernel Direct

WealthKernel has a new offering.


We are giving fund managers the opportunity to make their business, digital, with the simplest of additions to their website. If you’ve been trying to keep up with the fast-changing technology around investing and hampered by the high fees and impersonality of the fund supermarket providers, we have the tailored solution for you.

By letting us take on the significant areas of infrastructure, custody and regulatory permissions; you can have access to a huge market of retail investors in a very short space of time and with minimal work on your part. Direct means you are able to focus your resources where they truly matter while being secure in the knowledge that everything else is being taken care of.

WealthKernel excels at these roles as well as securely storing and sharing anonymised data with you about your client base so you will quickly have a view on how best to target new business and how to retain and better service those already invested with you.

Please take a look at our promotional video and then get in touch to begin the process of setting yourself up for the future and becoming a dynamic, direct, digital business.

Yannick Brunner