Do you know who your clients are?


What do you know about your clients? Not the fund managers in charge of distribution but the people who pay your fees.

Who owns your funds? What information do you have and are you utilising it in the most efficient way to benefit both you but also, and more importantly, to benefit your clients.

In other industries, knowing your customer and tailoring yourself to their needs is a competitive advantage. A significant amount of time and energy is spent collecting data in order to better engage with the base and attract new interest.The asset management issue in contrast, tends to know a lot more about its distributors than it does its clients.

So the question you need to be considering is; wouldn’t it be great to know why people buy your funds and what motivates them to do so?

Although we can’t tell you directly what the magic formula might be, with WealthKernel, we can give you the ability to run tests and experiments to discover what initiatives might be successful and what falls at the first hurdle. The key is to isolate the variable and that is what we do, you can run a marketing strategy, look at the result and work out what worked and what didn’t. You can see exactly what got people to invest in you and what sort of people they are and you can then tailor future marketing strategies accordingly. Over time, you’ll be able to hone in on the right answer to build your business and service your clients.

Data like this also allows you to get into the “moneyball” of advertising, working out the low-cost winning areas that can get your name out there rather than stretching to afford the ads in in-flight magazines or sponsoring a big sports event. Even these sort of expensive large crowd adverts aren’t guaranteed to bring you as much business as smaller, targeted ad placements.

By being able to measure the results of your marketing, you are able to move out of your comfort zone and find more markets and clients that you might not have interacted with before. There are a plethora of potential investors out there, many whom might not have considered investing and they are something of a lost market as no-one is advertising directly to them. By diversifying your customer base, you are much more likely to expand and keep yourself relevant.


Our technology enables you to start a campaign on a third party site, track them onto your landing page, measure the conversion ratio and understand the lifetime value of that customer from end to end. In addition, we enable your business to create, track and measure the success of their marketing across various platforms such as Google and Facebook. Marketing is not just limited to digital; our technology allows you to measure some of the offline channels that you have and the campaigns that you run. This applies to strategies that are both online and offline but with the same message.

Finally, all of the above can be achieved while putting the protection of the data as the first priority. Using anonymisation of all marketing data and having 256-bit encryption are just two of the methods used to ensure we, and therefore you will meet up to date regulations.

The marketplace is changing rapidly through technological innovation and new regulation; there is no option but to change with it and WealthKernel will help make that process both painless and exciting for your business.

Yannick Brunner