Where experience meets innovation

WealthKernel combines nearly 100 years of experience across technology, financial services and product design. This experience has been acquired across some of the world's largest and most prestigious financial institutions, technology companies and a major broadcaster. We believe the diversity of professional backgrounds is essential to challenging our industry's many established practices. Below are a few numbers outlining our staffs' industry experience prior to joining WealthKernel.



The number of clients managed
by our operations team



The amount of client assets managed
by our portfolio managers



The amount of capital monitored by Basel III
risk calculators architected by our engineers 


Our story

WealthKernel was co-founded by Karan Shanmugarajah, Joe Campbell and Yannick Brunner in 2015. Karan, then a portfolio manager at Barclays, witnessed a significant drop in face-to-face client servicing on the back of increasing costs driven by regulation. He reached out to Joe, at the time development lead at Barclays Wealth and Yannick, a derivatives trader knowledgeable in financial regulation, to build a new type of financial services company. One which combined the world's leading technology practices with a deep understanding of financial regulation.