WealthKernel, a savings and investments platform that enables businesses to launch investment apps in record time, powers its first investment fund:the TM home investor fund. This initiative is led by Hearthstone Investments, who over 5 years ago launched the UK’s first direct residential property investment fund FCA authorised for retail clients.

This partnership is a great of example of how existing and new asset managers affected by RDR and MiFID II can partner with new Fintechs to turn a major disruption into an opportunity. By offering everything from FCA permissions, trading infrastructure and white-labelled applications, WealthKernel enables businesses to launch a digital investment proposition in as little as a month. This represents a major cost saving relative to building in-house and/or seeking the necessary variation in regulatory permissions to distribute direct to consumers.

TM home investor fund aims to make it easier than ever before for retail customers to invest their savings into the residential property market. This is facilitated by WealthKernel’s Direct offering: a plug-and-play solution designed for asset managers to distribute their funds directly to retail customers. Using this solution, customers landing on the TM home investor fund promotional site are electronically introduced to a co-branded experience powered by WealthKernel, where they can invest into the fund.

Cedric Bucher, CEO of Hearthstone Investments commented: “WealthKernel’s speed and agility allowed us to go to market very quickly. In addition to our intermediated distribution, direct investors can now access the TM home investor fund from as little as £100, whether via a General Investment Account or an Investment Savings Account (ISA).”



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