API offering

Our financial services platform provides you with several RESTful APIs to build exactly the product your customers want. Our simple and self-explanatory documentation will have you up and running in almost no time. Depending on your businesses need, you can easily connect with our APIs for investment accounts, financial advice or payments.


Trading API

Advice API

Fund management small.png

Portfolio API


Account API


Analytics API


payments (coming soon).jpg

Payments API
(coming soon)

Lending (coming soon).jpg

Lending API
(coming soon)

Insurance API
(coming soon)


API properties

  • Uses HTTP verbs as Fielding originally defined

  • Express URLs with nouns rather than verbs

  • Track versions using the root, not headers

  • Supports side-by-side versions

  • Make expressive use of HTTP Status Codes

  • Handles errors carefully and explicitly

  • Log activity

  • Use JSON throughout

  • Use query string parameters to support pagination, filtering, and sort

  • Use HTTPS throughout

  • Use consistent field name casing convention

  • Returns resource-locations for all POSTs, PUTs and PATCHs

  • Uses OIDC compliant tokens for auth

Other services

Regulatory Umbrella

No FCA permission, no problem. Whether or not you are applying for your own permissions we can get you up and running as an Authorised Representative (AR) in a handful of weeks.

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White Labelled

We offer white labelled experiences for partners interested in launching a solution before building their own user experience. Learn from your customer from day 1 and tailor your own experience to real feedback.

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