E-learning risk mitigation

We've applied the power e-learning to replace redundant risk disclaimers. Our framework rewards your users for learning about the risks they’re exposed to. The audit trail is paired to any relevant advice for de-risking.


Advisor Chatbot

DIA (Digital Investment Advisor) can handle most regulated tasks encountered with retail customers. The chatbot can be paired with a non-regulated relationship manager, thus retaining the indispensable human touch at an affordable cost.


Product cross-selling

By delivering rich advice, we’ve opened up the possibility to seamlessly cross-sell products to users. Here, we use a task' based approach where users can complete different steps at any point in time. This method can easily be leveraged by partners capable of offering rewards to gamify the entire financial planning process.



We’re spearheading the move away from the traditional pdf or hardcopy letter. Our electronic version audits users in real time to confirm the document was viewed. For users, this creates a seamless journey away from opening separate documents sent by email.

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8-Factor Profiling

Our advice module uses 8 standardised factors to build a comprehensive user risk profile. These factors span all key aspects of assessing a person's capacity and attitude to take risk. This standardisation gives flexibility to third-parties looking to create innovative Fintech applications.