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Industry-leading Portfolio Management System

The portfolio management system lies at the heart of our flexible investing infrastructure, allowing you to seamlessly manage the portfolios of your users, create and review your models, and rebalance with ease.

Once you’ve created and defined your models, instead of managing everyone individually, WealthKernel uses that model to make decisions about allocating their investments.

If users deposit or withdraw, accrue fees, or if the model needs rebalancing, the PMS will automate it all, and generate the orders accordingly. Our system drastically simplifies the entire order management process, leading to higher levels of customer satisfaction.

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Order Consolidation & Fractionals

When orders are created by the Order Management System for a user’s portfolio, WealthKernel fractionalises trades to accommodate any investment amount and consolidates orders to execute the next day at an optimal time.

This not only reduces trading costs, but by fractionalising we ensure that your customers’ portfolio allocations are correct, and your models will perform as accurately as possible.

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Easy Management

Allow users to switch between risk categories easily, process deposits, and invest automatically.

Programmatic Rebalancing

Rebalance users’ portfolios programmatically, whether drift based, calendar-based, or ad-hoc.

Automate fee accrual

Automate fee calculation and accrual, and let our PMS withdraw fees optimally from users’ portfolios

Rebalancing Engine

Programmatically rebalance the portfolios of your customers with ease, depending on your requirements, with our rebalancing engine. Specify the type of rebalancing you need and our system will automatically manage your portfolios in line with those requirements, making manual portfolio calculations (and admin) a thing of the past!

Allow users to switch between Automatically rebalance portfolios at a time interval that suits you, whether that’s monthly, quarterly, or something more bespoke. categories easily, process deposits, and invest automatically.

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