Appointed Representative

If you’re considering offering investing services to your customers in the UK, you’ll need to consider whether you will need to be regulated by the FCA. If so, there are two paths to do that:

Appointed Representative

AR status enables firms that offer regulated activities to conduct those activities under a directly authorised company.

Direct Authorisation

Firms apply directly to the FCA to get authorised to offer investing services in the UK.

A trusted regulatory umbrella

How are we regulated?

WealthKernel is an FCA-authorised AR Principal. Our investment platform enables businesses to conduct regulated activities under the umbrella of the AR Principal (i.e. WealthKernel). Your business will still need to meet all FCA requirements; however, you will benefit from the support that WealthKernel can provide.

By utilising our technology, businesses can benefit from the speed-to-market of an AR Principal and reduce the number of suppliers. The AR umbrella also offers other benefits, such as protection from hidden costs, compliance risks, and regulatory changes. You can read more about it on our blog here.

The full set of WealthKernel’s permissions can be found on the FCA register, but in general (you should always seek your own regulatory advice), the permissions you’ll need are:

The above permissions list is not exhaustive and is entirely dependent on your business model. You may need more permissions for your business.

Simple and efficient

How does AR work at WealthKernel?


Appointed Representative vs Direct Authorisation

Frequently Asked Questions

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