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A graphic image in isometric style describing the structure of WealthKernel's custody offering. From bottom to top it reads: sub-custody, WealthKernel nominee, your business, your customers.

WealthKernel operates a sub-broker model, acting as an intermediary between our Tenants and brokers. This model lets us utilise our sub-broker’s infrastructure for better market access and their deep network of asset managers.

This allows us to focus on providing better user onboarding, account management and custody infrastructure, as well as aggregating orders across our Tenants.


Trading Infrastructure That Works For You

Orders API Endpoint

Allows our Tenants to place and cancel trades and retrieve previous trade history.

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Instrument Universe

We support a wide investment universe suitable for Retail investors, including US stocks, UK stocks, ETFs, and Mutual Funds. All of our instruments are available in fractions.

Order Frequency

We currently execute orders once-a-day with our sub-broker, and support Market Orders only. This allows us to reduce costs for our Tenants by aggregating buys and sells at the ISIN level. We settle all orders in GBP to remove currency risk.


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Frequently Asked Questions

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Do you offer a live price feed?
Do you distribute sub-fund level data?
Do you offer contract notes?
Do you collect Stamp Duty?

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