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More than just KYC

We utilize a blend of suppliers to carry out KYC, PEPs & Sanctions, AML and Bank checks. Because of this, we give you the ability to customize what types of checks are carried out depending on your risk level.

Our integrations with check suppliers are built directly into our client onboarding module. Your team can easily monitor the results of the checks through our Admin Portal system.

We are currently integrated with Onfido for identity document verification. For more robust PEPs and Sanctions screening we’ve integrated with Comply Advantage’s platform.

Integrated with NorthRow for Bank document verification, a leading company in the online fraud prevention sector. Checks performed on an ongoing basis to ensure clients remain eligible for your service.

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A live service

We offer the flexibility to manage and customize your client onboarding workflow rules to cover suitability and risk requirements. Increase conversions and ensure you’re remaining compliant with regulations and maintaining your brand’s look and feel.

We are constantly updating, improving and developing our API. This means that all modules, including the client onboarding module, continue to improve over time. New features and functionality are made available on an ongoing basis and our connectivity is built to account for any change in requirements from our customers. We are constantly reinvesting our learnings back into our platform, ensuring that you get the maximum benefit from our continuously improving infrastructure.

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