Built specifically for those who want to bring their lifestyle to the next level by taking better care of their finances. ikigai combines wealth management and everyday banking in a single app, using WealthKernel to power its investing offering over API.

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An illustration depicting the ikigai card
A smartphone showing the Wahed app

Wahed Invest

Wahed is a New York-based Sharia robo-advisor (the world’s first!) that operates in 130 countries worldwide. Wahed initially used our white label service, as it built out its wealth offering using our APIs.

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Nosso, the JISA investment service, is on a mission to “turbocharge” the financial future of the children of its users. Built by parents, for parents, Nosso uses our APIs to power its investment offering for families.

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Stratiphy allows its users to choose their own investment preferences, view historical performance and compare between different scenarios to decide which options are better for them.

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Award-winning financial planning and investment management app Rosecut gives its users access to the knowledge they need to plan for the future and uses our APIs to offer investment products alongside it.

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Wealth8 is an investing platform aimed primarily at the Black and Multi-ethnic community, providing its users with a vibrant investing community and offering underserved audiences access to affordable investment products.

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Fortu Wealth

Fortu is a borderless, private, personal finance solution for individuals and businesses requiring secure, reliable and international financial reach.

A smartphone showing the Fortu Wealth app
A smartphone showing the Sixty Pension app

Sixty Pension

Bristol-based is a pioneering pension app for the UK’s self-employed community, on a mission to help millions of self-employed people thrive in retirement.


Pynk is a social trading app that aims to use the “wisdom of the crowd” to help its users make investment decisions, whilst also making it fun to learn, teach, create new positive, ethical, sustainable investment habits for its users.

A smartphone showing the Pynk app
Two smartphones showing the Wealthyhood app, one shows a portfolio summary page and the other shows an investment summary page


Wealthyhood is a DIY investing app, providing users with tools to develop, finetune, and automatically maintain investing strategies


From the team behind Sixty, pension aggregator Penny finds pensions from old jobs and transfers them into your Penny app, automatically.

A smartphone depicting a representation of the Penny application
Two smartphones, one shows a call with a Claro financial planner and the other shows a checklist and preparation for another financial planning session


Digital financial coach service ets users budget, plan and invest, all in one place. Due to launch in 2021, Claro is busy building out its offering against our APIs.

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Topia is a savings app helping its users towards the goal of financial independence. Topia connects all of your investment and debt accounts in one place.

The Topia user interface on a smartphone.

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