Tax efficient account wrappers in the UK

Every business that's launching new investing products in the UK needs to think about the account types its going to offer investors. The most common account types in the UK are  usually the GIAs (General Investment Account) or the ISAs (Individual Savings Account).

WealthKernel is a HMRC registered ISA Manager and Pension Administrator that can support all of the following wrappers in the UK. This means your business can offer investors the account types that they want, supporting the investment universe that you have chosen.

Individual Savings Account (ISA)

A Stocks and Shares ISA is an account that allows investments to grow without paying income tax, or capital gains tax on any profits made.

General Investment Account (GIA)

A General Investment Account is a simple account where investments are held outside of tax wrappers such as Pensions & ISAs.

Junior ISA (JISA)

A JISA is a tax-efficient investment account for children that can be contributed to by family and friends, but only the child can access the money once they become 18 years old.

Self Invested Pension Plan (SIPP)

A SIPP is s a personal pension plan that gives individuals the freedom to choose and manage their investments themselves, or ask a professional to take care of them on their behalf.

Better support infrastructure for accounts 

WealthKernel’s account API allows your users to open an account within minutes. We have a fully electronic account opening process, which enhances user experience.

Deposit - After your user has opened an account with us and has passed all checks, WealthKernel will be ready to accept deposits from your users. Our Instant Matching Deposits infrastructure speeds up transactions and lets your users invest immediately. You can learn more about how users can fund their accounts here.

Transfer - We also enable users to transfer their assets held at another provider into our accounts at WealthKernel. The transfers can be made in cash or in-specie, depending on the asset type and you and your customer's choices.

Account Updates - Our Tenants can opt for our Webhooks for Accounts integration to improve efficiency and reduce delays, with notifications about the account status from creation to closure. 

To learn more, contact our team and we can discuss your requirements.

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If you'd like to learn more about savings accounts, including UK, EU and US account types we've written a handy explainer.

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