Environmentally friendly investing

Founded in 2020, Stratiphy’s app helps users to build their own personalised trading strategies according to risk profiles, industry preferences, and sustainability criteria.
Stratiphy gives users control over their investments, helps them align investments to their personal values with the help of ESG ratings, whilst educating them in portfolio risk management.

How we helped

Building investment apps is knowledge and cost-intensive, and the regulatory and technological burden is a challenge to even the most sophisticated teams. 

Partnering with WealthKernel gave Stratiphy access to industry-leading brokerage and custody services over API, enabling it to come to market faster, save money, and focus on building an innovative platform to help users make more informed investments.

By accessing our vertically integrated investing infrastructure over API, Stratiphy is expecting to launch its investment app in 2023.

Why it matters

Fee compression and commission-free trading have provided retail investors with easier access to the stock market, at a lower cost than before. This trend continued during the Covid 19 pandemic, with “meme stocks” and the increased gamification of complex investments leading many to raise concerns about retail investing habits.

Many ‘do-it-yourself’ investors have seen rising losses leading to the realisation that they need professional help for effectively managing risk and avoiding more Gamestop-type situations.

Stratiphy intends to address this knowledge gap, helping its users create their own trading strategies and run scenarios without any coding knowledge. It also uses sophisticated analytics combined with environmental, social and governance ratings (ESG) to help users compare companies.

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