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Wealth8 is an investing platform aimed primarily at the Black and Multi-ethnic community, the African diaspora population in the UK, and Africans.

“WealthKernel has been an exceptional partner and enabled us to bring our vision to life by utilising their technology platform and infrastructure.”

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How we helped

Co-founders David and Bimpe launched Wealth8 with a vision to build a vibrant community and offer underserved audiences access to affordable investment products.

The Wealth8 team approached us to power their new investment platform, initially as a white-label service, which launched in 2021.

Taking advantage of our white label robo-advisor service, Wealth8 successfully launched at pace, offering its users GIAs and ISAs, and access to a variety of managed portfolios in collaboration with Blackrock.

Like many of the early-stage startups we partner with, Wealth8 is also operating as an Appointed Representative of WealthKernel.

Sitting under our regulatory umbrella means that it is able to operate and provide services to its users, as they wait on becoming directly authorised by the FCA.

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