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Founded in 2021, Wealthyhood is an investing app for the millennial generation. Its aim is to help them build wealth smartly through long-term investments.

Wealthyhood aims to help everyday investors make good investment decisions using personalised investment guidance and automation.

How we helped

Wealthyhood is the first tenant to use our new US equity trading infrastructure. They were an existing tenant and had tapped WealthKernel to build and offer ETFs to their customers. 

Wealthyhood’s roadmap included adding the most popular US stocks to meet demand, retain customers and add new users. Working with WealthKernel’s API enabled them to add individual stock investing in less than a month and reduce the need for integration with another supplier at an expensive cost.

The company now offers users access to over 200 of the most popular US stocks for trading and fractional shares.

Why it matters

The UK’s cost-of-living crisis is eroding people's confidence in managing their money. A third feel they have made poor financial decisions in the past two years. Around 42% said they would value extra financial guidance and advice.

But the investment market in the UK and Europe has great potential, and millennials form most of it. Reportedly, 80% of new retail accounts are opened by investors under 40. In addition, millennials are expected to control $20 trillion in assets by 2030. 

Wealthyhood and WealthKernel share a common mission of democratising access to finance. The company aims to help millennials develop a wealth-building mindset with the help of smart tools and personalised guidance that develop, finetune and automatically maintain users’ investing strategies.

Alexandros Christodoulakis, Co-founder and CEO of Wealthyhood said, "At Wealthyhood, we're not just creating an app but revolutionising how our generation invests. By leveraging WealthKernel's cutting-edge US equity trading infrastructure, we've rapidly expanded our offerings, integrating over 200 of the most popular US stocks and fractional shares into our platform. This swift expansion reflects our commitment to providing accessible, comprehensive investment opportunities for our users.

In a world where financial uncertainty is a growing concern, especially among younger investors, Wealthyhood stands as a beacon of empowerment and innovation. We're here to ensure that smart, long-term investment strategies aren't just a privilege for the few but a tool for the many, helping to build wealth in a way that's as informed as it is intuitive. And we’re very excited to have WealthKernel supporting our efforts through its robust infrastructure!"

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