We support a diverse range of payment methods that give you the flexibility to choose an approach that best suits your users’ needs. This allows your users to make one-off and recurring deposits to their portfolios.

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We accept deposits via the following methods:

Payment options that serveyour business best

WealthKernel does not currently support bulk or aggregated payments. After WealthKernel receives a deposit from your users, we match it with the deposit expectation that contains the details of the source account.

After it’s matched, the deposit will be marked as settled and booked against your portfolio and will reflect in the balance. The funds will then be available to be invested.

Where is money held at WealthKernel?
What happens if a user sends a deposit from a different bank account not affiliated with the tenant? 
How do we set up Direct Debit Payments for our users?


What is the service?

We enable users to transfer their assets held at another provider into our accounts at WealthKernel. The transfers can be made in cash.

We are integrated with two online transfer services to ensure a smooth process for users to consolidate their savings across different providers into your service. Our systems at WealthKernel are designed to handle the heavy lifting that comes with transfer requests so that you can focus on user experience and not spend manual resources on transfers.

What is the difference between payments and transfers? 

We’ve listed the inbound and outbound transfers that we accept -  

Are there any front-end requirements for transfers?
How do we charge tenants for transfer?
What investments can be transferred in?

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