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Female-first investment platform will use WealthKernel’s investment APIs as it gears up for UK launch

WealthKernel, the wealthtech provider of API investment services, today announces its partnership with Alpher, the female-first investment platform focused on closing the gender investment gap.

As part of the partnership, WealthKernel will provide Alpher with its core investing infrastructure,  including brokerage and custodian services, fractional stocks and ETFs, portfolio management functionality, and access to UK tax account wrappers like ISAs and GIAs (general investment accounts).

By accessing the building blocks it needs to power its investing services over API,  Alpher will be able to launch faster, and focus vital resources on its core mission to support women with better investment services, while addressing the growing £15bn gender investment gap.

Founded by CEO Mini Maxwell, and CTO, Oli Bates, Alpher is a community-driven platform created to reshape the way women think about investing. Despite women adding approximately $5 trillion to the wealth pool every year, modern investment platforms still remain heavily dominated by, and catered to the needs of male investors. Alpher aims to change this - providing women with the support networks to build their investing confidence, as well as an investment solution built to enable women to grow their wealth, independently, over the long term.

Karan Shanmugarajah, CEO of WealthKernel, says:
“Alpher is working to tackle a very well-known, but little challenged aspect of the investment industry that I hope will benefit millions of women across the UK. By encouraging and supporting more women to engage with investing and grow their wealth, I hope we can see a more balanced, and inclusive investment landscape in the years to come. Companies like Alpher are part of the reason why I founded WealthKernel, and I’m looking forward to supporting Mini and Oli as they launch Alpher in the coming months.”
Mini Maxwell, CEO and Co-Founder at Alpher, says:
“Retail investing is more popular and accessible than ever before, yet the majority of women remain on the investment sidelines. At Alpher, we are building a product that puts women at the core - building what we know women want, rather than what people assume they want. Partnering with WealthKernel to enable this vision was therefore an obvious choice for us, and will enable us to launch our platform seamlessly and effortlessly. Karan and his team’s commitment to Alpher’s overall direction has been amazing, and we can’t wait to put WealthKernel’s services to use to benefit our users. ”