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New partnership aims to equip the next generation of investors with tools to build wealth

WealthKernel, a digital investing infrastructure provider, today announces a new partnership with Fint Invest, a digital wealth-building and educational platform catering to the next generation of investors. 

Fint, a digital solution powered by IronMarket Wealth, aims to help young investors by offering them modern portfolios aligned to their areas of interest, such as climate change, disruptive technology, and e-sports.

The combination of Fint’s onboarding and WealthKernel’s infrastructure means Fint can offer its unique, discretionary-managed portfolios to a new audience while lowering the traditional barriers to entry.

Recently, a study by FCA revealed that the next generation of investors is getting involved in high-risk investments owing to the increasing accessibility of investing platforms and a growing lack of awareness about the risks involved in investing. 

With Fint's help and educational content, users can build long-term portfolios that match their financial personalities and, importantly, their risk tolerance and goals. With WealthKernel’s tech stack, Fint aims to offer its Discretionary investment service tailored to a modern audience, encouraging them to grow their money responsibly.

The new partnership marks another milestone for WealthKernel as it continues to empower forward-thinking Advice businesses to launch innovative propositions and build great products for their customers. 

Karan Shanmugarajah, CEO of WealthKernel, said,
“We’re delighted to have Fint Invest onboard. Fint’s modern investing approach combined with WealthKernel’s core investing infrastructure gives young investors the tools they need to build wealth smartly while gaining a clear understanding of investment risks and exploring their own risk appetite.

We strongly believe in the power of early financial education, which empowers investors to make informed decisions about their financial well-being from the start. This partnership also strengthens our commitment to helping build better businesses and promoting inclusive financial services for all.”

Wes Wilkes, Founder of FINT and CEO of IronMarket, commented,
 “We're delighted to have partnered with WealthKernel to power Fint and help empower a new generation of investors.”