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We’re excited to announce that we’ve launched a new Account webhooks integration that will help streamline the flow of updates when an investor’s account status changes. 

The new webhooks will provide our tenants with updates from account creation to closure, i.e. the complete lifecycle of an investor’s accounts. With this, our tenants will have access to the most up-to-date information.

Why are we introducing new webhooks? 

Earlier, tenants would have to poll our APIs to get updates on their client’s KYC or account status, which caused delays. They weren’t notified of updates until they requested it on our API. Now our webhooks immediately alert them of updates on their processes. 

Tenants will still need to access detailed KYC results through Dashboard, but now they can opt to receive accounts webhooks which will give them updates about the accounts' current status.

Here are a few webhooks that our tenants can currently use - 

How does it help? 

Saves costs - Webhooks can help to reduce costs associated with integrating different applications. For example, by using our webhooks, the tenant’s app can avoid the need to constantly poll our app for updates, which can be resource-intensive and expensive.

Saves time - Our webhooks will automate sending out account notifications, saving any delays on the tenants' behalf and improving efficiency.

Improves user experience - Our new webhooks come with a snappier automation that’ll help tenants get real-time information exchange while improving overall functionality and user experience.

What are webhooks? 

Webhooks or web callbacks are for an application to provide other websites with real-time information. It is a way for one application to notify another about events without having to constantly poll the other application to see if anything has changed. 

They can also be used for automating repetitive tasks, such as updating a database or sending out notifications.

You can learn more about using and configuring our webhooks from this guide