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We’re excited to announce our new WealthKernel Dashboard - an upgraded version of the Admin Portal that is more intuitive and user-friendly. 

Admin Portal, our primary support tool, offers visibility on the company’s operations and gives a comprehensive summary of client details, portfolios, deposits received and many other useful features for our Operations teams. It is also open for our Tenants (our clients) and sits as a layer between them and WealthKernel. 

Why did we upgrade our Admin Portal? 

The new WealthKernel Dashboard has undertaken a more considerate approach. We’ve taken a conscious step to develop a more purpose-built tool for our tenants and internal staff. 

Rather than lifting and shifting features across the two tools, we’ve redesigned the current system to ensure that the tasks performed in the dashboard are laid out more sensibly in the user interface. 

We’re determined to make an app that’s self-explanatory and user-friendly, so our clients receive all the information and guidance they need within the dashboard. 

How will it help our tenants? 

The WealthKernel Dashboard is easy to use and promises a much better user experience through its intuitive user interface.

It is much more interactive and lets us give our tenants immediate feedback and validation on portfolios. 

What does that mean? For example, if our tenant requests a withdrawal on the WealthKernel Dashboard, they will receive instantaneous feedback on the current balance in their portfolio.

Along with a grid view and colour-coded navigation, the dashboard can now fetch portfolio and order details independently- improving the speed and user experience of the new tool.

With the WealthKernel Dashboard, we intend to support our tenants by taking off the considerable operational burden from them so that they can focus on resolving their customer queries. 

While some of the gains are unrealised at the moment, our staff and tenants will benefit from the user interface improvement in features such as matching, securities, models, and portfolios. 

WealthKernel Dashboard is constantly growing with newer features, and many new improvements are coming soon. 

Watch this space for more updates!