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Selecting your custody solution 

As an investment platform, you’re expected to hold your client assets with a custodian, i.e., a third party that verifies the identity and intention of the relationship between the Beneficiary and the Investment Manager or Advisor.

Essentially, the presence of a custodian adds an additional layer of protection to the movement of client funds.

You should select a custodian that complements your overall value proposition and can grow and scale with your needs.

Custodian’s like WealthKernel enable UK businesses to custody the assets of users and clients in Nominee Accounts in line with FCA guidelines in an affordable and scalable way.

Good custody services ensure the safety of financial assets held by retail investors, allowing businesses to deliver services and remain agile in a fast-changing landscape.

By accessing custody over API, companies can outsource a fundamental and vital part of their business to a trusted UK custodian bank easily, affordably, and in a scalable way.

We hope this guide helps you select your regulatory route, move to market faster and launch your investment platform! 

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