Stacked blocks beneath a mobile phone

Flexible, Scalable, Easy.

Our modular API platform provides every building block required to build a scalable robo-advisor, from user onboarding, account management, portfolio management, custody, and more.

Just pick the modules you need, and embed investing functionality, all over API.

Focus on what matters most

Our platform makes the investing part easy, enabling businesses to embed investing products alongside existing products, giving you the agility that you need to build and scale.

An example of an API call via the WealthKernel API.
Stacked blocks beneath a mobile phone

Get to market, fast.

We help businesses get to market, fast. That means they can focus on what matters most to them: their customers.

Build your brand, design your user experience, plug in to our API and let us power the rest.

Modular by design

Vertically integrated investing services, available over API


Built specifically for those who want to bring their lifestyle to the next level by taking better care of their finances. ikigai combines wealth management and everyday banking in a single app, using WealthKernel to power its investing offering over API.

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A smartphone showing the Wahed app

Wahed Invest

Wahed is a New York-based Sharia robo-advisor (the world’s first!) that operates in 130 countries worldwide. Wahed initially used our white label service, as it built out its wealth offering using our APIs.

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