What is an Appointed Representative?

Appointed Representation essentially enables firms that run regulated activities (i.e. investment products) to conduct those activities under the umbrella of a directly authorised company, like WealthKernel.

WealthKernel is an AR “Principal”, which basically means we are allowed to share our regulatory permissions (and as such are required to ensure those using them comply with the same rules) to help businesses come to market faster.

As an AR, you must understand and comply with, and if you want to conduct any regulated activities outside this scope, you have to become authorised in your own right.

Why become an AR of WealthKernel?

Unlike other regulatory umbrellas in the UK, we only offer our AR services to the fintechs we partner with, enabling them to come to market much faster and without as much regulatory burden.

You’ll eventually still need to get approved with the FCA to become an AR of ours, but we’ll help you through every step of the process. You can get up and running in a production environment in a matter of weeks.

We provide you with policy guidance, provide custom templates for you to follow, and monitor and approve financial promotions.


What is an Appointed Representative?
How do I become an Appointed Representative?
What permissions do I need?
What are the benefits of becoming an AR?
What are the downsides to becoming an AR?

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