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Embedded Investing allows businesses to integrate investment products into their existing platforms or build new propositions entirely on an investing stack delivered via API. 

Providers of this tech enable users to invest in the stock market, mutual funds, retirement plans and even NFTs without leaving the platform they’re on. 

Before this, businesses needed to build their bespoke products at a higher cost. With embedded investing, they can avoid the costs of building in-house and benefit from better products.

Here are some main benefits of Embedded Investing - 

How does Embedded Investing help businesses? 

Boosts customer experience 

Embedding investing products in your business can dramatically improve the customer experience for users by solving pain points like having to move money between bank accounts and investing products. 

By taking the heavy lifting out of the development process, tech teams can build great user experiences without needing to develop the tech in-house.

Customers can stay in one trusted place and invest alongside other features of your platform or app, increasing use of the app and customer loyalty.

Building and launching new features also gives you more ways to attract new users and grow an active user base, competing in new verticals and markets.

Increases profitability 

For the business side of your app or platform, embedding investing services can help access another stream of revenue and markets.  

It also enables fintechs that rely on revenue generation from products that don’t enrich customers (i.e. offering credit/debt products) - to build products with an aligned-incentive structure with users, where revenues grow with customer accounts. 

Low cost

With rich API libraries, like WealthKernel’s, the switch to embedded investing can happen in a cost-effective way, with easily integrable products that benefit from continual investment from embedded investing providers. 

Integrating embedded investing services gives businesses access to a technology stack, without the need of having to build it. 

Companies can benefit from new and innovative financial products without the traditional development or compliance costs.

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WealthKernel’s embedded investing infrastructure enables fintechs and established companies to bring investing products to market with ease. Our platform makes investing easy, allowing the businesses to embed investing products alongside existing products, giving you the agility that you need to build and scale.

Contact us at marketing@wealthkernel.com for more information.