Digital Financial Coaching App

Claro a UK-based fintech enabling users to access financial coaching and select from a variety of pre-built portfolios to “build their financial future”.

Using our flexible investing API as one of the building blocks of their business, Claro is changing the way retail investors access financial knowledge, tools, and products.

Two smartphones, one shows a call with a Claro financial planner and the other shows a checklist and preparation for another financial planning session

How we helped

Claro approached WealthKernel early on its startup journey, choosing to use our embedded investment infrastructure instead of building its own. By doing so, it could come to market faster, save money, benefit from continuous investment, and focus on building an innovative platform with a great user experience.

Claro uses WealthKernel’s API for custody, portfolio management, and brokerage, utilising our Regulatory Umbrella. By doing so, its time to market was much faster than if it had sought its own permissions.

Technical Specifications  ⇢


Comprehensive trading built on cutting-edge tech. Trade thousands of fractional securities across markets in multiple currencies.

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We’re a fully licensed custodian for client money and assets in the UK. Cash and securities are held at tier 1 banking and sub-custodian partners.

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Portfolio & Order Management

Seamlessly manage models, programmatically rebalance, track performance data, manage fee accrual, model drift, and more.

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Appointed Rep

Become an Appointed Rep of WealthKernel to get your app up and running in a matter of weeks. Avoid the lengthy and bureaucratic process of direct FCA approval.

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Why it matters

Along with offering one-on-one financial coaching from the comfort of the user's own home, they can also track their spending, learn to budget and benefit from savings and investment products- features that Claro says change how people start their investing journey.

Analysis carried out by the fintech found more than a third of those under 35 years of age are classified as being “perpetually poor”, despite earning £40,000 or more. Claro’s study determined that younger people across the country have a predisposition for spending more than they earn, even when earning a high salary. Claro says the app is designed to reach the 94% of Britons who cannot afford financial advice.

As part of its ESG mission, its app gives ESG scores for investments, enabling clients to invest in line with their ethical beliefs, and the company has also committed to protect 1,000,000 trees while attracting more environmentally-conscious customers.

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