Automated Portfolios & Custody

British Fintech, and neobank, ikigai combines wealth management and everyday banking in a single app, and partners with WealthKernel to provide custody, and to power its investing offering all over API.

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How we helped

Co-founders Maurizio and Edgar launched ikigai on a mission to define the next generation of banking and wealth management, believing that financial self-care holds the key to a better future.

The ikigai team initially approached us to power its investing functionality with our portfolio and order management system and trading API. They later switched to using our custody service, too, after seeing the ease and flexibility of powering their wealth offering via a single platform.

Alongside this, we also handle reconciliation, settlement, dividends, corporate actions processing, and transfers on behalf of ikigai and its clients. Like many of the early-stage start-ups we partner with, ikigai is also operating as an Appointed Representative of WealthKernel.

WealthKernel is responsible for the custody of money and assets for ikigai’s UK clients, which is held in separate WealthKernel Nominee Accounts, in line with FCA CASS regulations and guidelines.

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