Transforming Junior ISAs

Nosso is an investment fintech that offers goal-based accounts allowing parents to invest in their children’s future through junior individual savings accounts. 

The company’s unique Junior ISA product allows both parents to access and manage accounts, opening up the account to the whole family. 

How we helped

Nosso approached WealthKernel to utilise the embedded infrastructure to power its investing proposition, help speed up its app launch, and aid in its mission to transform the Junior ISA market in the UK. 

The app aims to eventually help families reach more and more of their goals including growing their family, buying a bigger home, retiring early etc.

By using an embedded investing infrastructure provider, companies can save money, benefit from continuous investment, and focus on building innovative platforms with a great user experience.

Technical Specifications  ⇢


We’re a fully licensed custodian for client money and assets in the UK. Cash and securities are held at tier 1 banking and sub-custodian partners.

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Portfolio & Order Management

Seamlessly manage models, programmatically rebalance, track performance data, manage fee accrual, model drift, and more.

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Account Wrappers

Access a range of UK tax wrappers and accounts tailored to fit your customers needs including ISAs, GIAs, SIPPs, and JISAs.

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User Onboarding

Onboard your users with ease, with tailored onboarding flow rules, questions to cover risk and suitability, and automatic KYC and AML checks.

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Why it matters

According to Nosso, “financial services products still seem to be designed for single users and not modern families where money is an equal matter.”

Nosso aims to break down the barrier of inaccessibility to financial knowledge with the help of jargon-free information pieces present within the application.

Junior ISAs have been gaining popularity since the beginning of the lockdown. According to data from HMRC, JISAs have seen steady growth since being introduced in 2011. In 2019-20, more than 1 million JISAs were opened.

However the lack of financial education means that 70% of parents choose a cash Junior ISA over a stocks-and-shares Junior ISA. The average annual amount contributed by parents into JISAs was £2,970 in April 2020 compared with £1,346 in April 2019.

In the future, Nosso also plans to offer broader financial planning and wealth management for families.

Youssef Darwich, co-founder and CEO said,

“Family finance has been left behind in recent years despite the hundreds of new fintech offerings coming to market. Securing their children’s future is just one of the many goals families have.

After we build the best Junior ISA in the market we’re going to look at all the other goals and figure out how to rebuild popular financial products to make them more suitable for families.

For example, imagine getting your end of year pension statement and being able to see the true position of you and your partner’s pensions in one place, if you’ve used your allowances in the optimal way as a household and most importantly if you’re on track to retire early together. All this stuff may sound trivial but even the largest pension providers don’t let you see it.”

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